CAM Academy: Character Academics for the Marketplace

School Motto: Dream more, learn more, do more, become more.

Our Mission at CAM Academy

Our mission at CAM Academy is to support and promote the academic success, positive character development and acquisition of marketplace skills, for all students enrolled in our schools by building strong partnerships with families.

Our core values are based on RESPECT for all members of our school.

Relationship: Developing a positive rapport among students, parents and staff.

Education: Learning is a lifelong experience of discovery.

Service: Serving to meet needs, build community and encourage dreams.

Partnership: Intentionally sharing the responsibility of educating children.

Excellence: Developing a commitment to personal best.

Character: Developing the inward motivation to do what is right even when no one is looking.

Trust: Earning the trust of others by demonstrating integrity in all we say and do.

The History of CAM Academy

CAM Academy (Character and Academics for the Marketplace)
is a rigorous, academic, alternative school that presently serves students in grades 3-12.

CAM History 1 Initially established as a high school in 1996, it evolved into CAM Junior-Senior High School through the 90’s and into the 2000’s. In 2012, third and fourth grade classrooms were added to the school, the name was changed to CAM Academy and now three distinct programs, Primary, Middle and High are offered to Battle Ground, and greater Clark County, families.


Character is the first component of our program and makes up the foundation as to which our school is founded upon.

CAM Academy is committed to encouraging positive behavior and developing student character based upon
our historical and cultural ethic as stated by RCW 28A.405.030 (Revised Code of Washington). It shall be the duty of teachers to endeavor to impress on the minds of their pupils the principles of morality, truth, justice, temperance, humanity, and patriotism; to teach them to avoid idleness, profanity and falsehood; to instruct them in the principles of free government, and to train them up to the true comprehension of the rights, duty, and dignity of American

At CAM Academy, we emphasize a different character trait each month using the Character Strong Curriculum.


Academics is the second component of our program.

The core curriculum delivered in CAM Academy classrooms focuses on four areas for all years of attendance: English, history, science, and mathematics. Within the context of the core 4×4 curriculum, all students receive specific instruction in computer technology on a daily basis. Independent contracts developed in partnership with parents and students will cover state requirements for health & fitness and visual and performing arts.

While students at CAM Academy come from a variety of educational backgrounds – public, private or home schooling – they have in common parents who are highly committed to educational excellence. The teaching staff at CAM understands this commitment and works with parents to nurture students to meet and exceed the state standards and graduation requirements.

Students attendance days are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Wednesday’s are off site learning days and are an extension of the classroom learning.


Marketplace is the third component of our school program which encompasses a wide variety of tools used in our classrooms to help our students be successful in their community and world after they have completed school.

Academic instruction at CAM Academy is designed to prepare students to leave the K-12 journey ready to compete in the marketplace. CAM is intentional in assuring that all students are academically prepared for the next grade level, graduation and their post high school plans by developing an entrepreneurial spirit and the skills necessary to excel at post high school institutions of higher learning, in the marketplace or in public service.


US News Best High Schools Bronze


CAM Academy has earned the Washington Achievement Award for Overall Excellence every year since the award began in 2009.

U.S. News & World Report has awarded CAM Academy with a Bronze Medal again in 2018, in recognition of CAM High School’s achievement on state assessments. We have been awarded this each year it is awarded.

Take a tour of the new CAM Academy classrooms

CAM Academy settling into temporary classrooms at Lewisville

CAM Academy video overview 2023

Is CAM Academy right for you? Watch this short video that highlights some of the great things parents, educators and students have to say about our school. It's all about community!


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