CAM Academy Learning Opportunities, April 6-24Preview Image of the CAM schedule

The following is an update on what learning will look like for CAM students from April 6th – April 24th. Click here or on the image of the schedule to the right to open the full PDF document with class schedules arranged by grade.

Teachers will provide learning opportunities that may include reviewing previous content, extending or deepening grade-level content, etc. Google Classroom and Zoom will be our primary means of instructional delivery. We have collaborated as a school to develop a plan to support each student’s continued learning in this uncertain time.

Students will:

  • “Attend” online classes (schedule below) and participate appropriately in remote learning opportunities Wednesday-Friday, for 30 minutes per class.
  • Complete work assigned by the teacher and submit the work through Google Classroom or email, by the following Tuesday at noon. Please follow the teacher’s directions.
  • Engage in learning activities for approximately 2 hours a week per course outside of scheduled class time.

Teachers will:

  • Provide instruction in 30 minute class periods following the schedule below (using Zoom, Google Hangouts Meet, etc.). Sessions may be recorded and made available to students.
  • Use Google Classroom to share the weekly learning experiences every Monday. All student work must be submitted Tuesday of the next week by noon.
  • Monitor learning progress throughout the week and provide timely feedback.
  • Be available during “office hours” for students via email, phone, ZOOM, or Google Meet. (Similar to our CAM Advisory time.)
  • Track the completion of learning opportunities (weekly) using Skyward so that families can stay up to date with student progress.

Parents will:

  • Check email daily for district or teacher updates. (Make sure your email address is up to date in Skyward.)
  • Monitor Skyward updates.
  • Monitor learning progress throughout the week and check that assignments are being completed.
  • Create a productive/ effective learning environment for students.
  • Encourage regular attendance for student’s remote learning.


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