Middle School Profile Grades 5 – 8

The Middle School Program provides a safe environment in which students are challenged to take ownership of the development of their character and learning in order to become responsible citizens in their home, school, and community

  • There are two classes per grade level, fifth through eighth.
  • Class size at fifth grade is twenty-eight students per teacher; in grades six through eight it increases to thirty students per teacher.
  • Students in grades five and six see two teachers each day for academic instruction.
  • There are four teachers that instruct students in grades seven and eight.
  • Classes meet on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday for English language arts, math, social studies, and science instruction.
  • Wednesday is called an “off-site learning day” and is used to support the home component of the program.
  • In addition to the classroom experience, students complete Independent Learning Contracts,¬† health and fitness, and visual performing arts. This home component requires consistent parent participation and support, with students taking on more responsibility with each grade transition.


Characteristics of a CAM Academy Middle School Student
  • Is willing to make an effort in learning new things; has an “I will try” approach
  • Enjoys going to school and being engaged in learning
  • Committed to own education by attendance and diligence in studies
  • Has solid grade level skills
  • ¬†Manages time and materials will
  • Supports our culture with positive behavior and speech


Parent Commitments at CAM Academy Middle School
  • Provide reliable and on-time transportation to and from CAM Academy
  • Assure your student have consistent daily attendance
  • Attend teacher conferences (as needed)
  • Partner with the teacher to support and implement your student’s written student learning plan, including the health/fitness and an arts home learning contract
  • Assure your student comes to school prepared for each day with needed materials organized, assignments complete, lunch packed, or money to purchase lunch items
  • Stay informed on school issues by reading daily, weekly and monthly communications
  • Provide a home environment that extends and connects classroom learning
  • Volunteer time is also greatly appreciated, and encouraged, to support classroom and school needs



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