Primary School Profile Grades 3 – 4

The Primary School Program focuses on building strong literacy skills in reading, written and oral communication, language arts and math. In a safe and caring learning environment so students are prepared for success in their middle and high school journeys. Students apply these literacy skills to learning about social studies and science.

  • The CAM Academy Primary School Program consists of two third grade classrooms and two fourth grade classrooms.
  • Class sizes vary between 24 – 26 students per teacher.
  • Students see both grade level classroom teachers for academic instruction.
  • Classes meet on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday for reading, language arts, math, social studies, science, music and art.
  • Wednesday is called an “off site learning day” and is used to support the home component of the program.
  • In addition to classroom instruction, students will have assignments associated with the classroom instruction and a health and fitness contract that they work on each week at home. This home component requires consistent parent participation and support.


Characteristics of a CAM Academy Primary School Student
  • Enjoys going to school
  • Enjoys being engaged in learning
  • Works well with peers and adults
  • Is able to listen and follow directions
  • Is willing to make an effort in learning new things
  • Has an “I will try” approach
  • Is teachable in both academics and character development
Parent Commitments
  • Provide reliable and on-time transportation to and from CAM Academy
  • Assure your student has consistent daily attendance
  • Volunteer your time in the classroom or in supporting activities of the school
  • Attend teacher conferences (as needed) and quarterly parent group meetings
  • Partner with teacher to support and implement your student’s written student learning plan
  • Assure your student comes to school prepared for each day with needed materials organized, assignments completed, lunch packed or money to purchase lunch items
  • Stay informed on school issues by reading daily, weekly and monthly communications
  • Provide a home environment that extends and connects classroom learning




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