BGPS Network Access

CAM Academy works to ensure an enriching and cutting edge education through the power of technology.

Using the rich content and powerful research tools on the internet, as well as accessible collaborative programs like Google Apps for Education, CAM students are prepared to enter the workforce of tomorrow.

As good network citizens, all students must understand School Board Policy around Electronic Resources. The policy describes how students should and shouldn’t use district technology resources.

School Board Policy 2022P – Electronic Resources

Digital Citizenship

For tips on helping your child navigate Facebook safely, click here. For information on how to help your students use electronic resources appropriately and keep them safe, please click here.

Google Apps for Education

Google Apps for Education is a set of free, flexible, customizable tools that provide opportunities for students and staff to work more effectively in a collaborative environment. This comprehensive, cost-effective solution is entirely browser-based, making it easier for students to work from any Internet-accessible computer, without having to purchase expensive software to communicate or do their homework. This is one example of what is known as “cloud” computing. Staff and students can access their school documents from the lab, the classroom, the public library and even from home! Google Apps provides safe email for all middle and high school students, and primary students upon request from sites. At the middle and primary level, these accounts are “closed,” meaning they cannot send or receive email between people outside the district network.


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