CAM Academy students will be participating in the Healthy Youth Survey on November 2nd.  Students in grades 6, 8, 10, and 12 across Washington State will be participating in this survey.  The survey is voluntary and parents and/or students that do not want to participate do not have to.  The survey results are used for planning, evaluating, and improving programs and getting the money to support them.  Students will take the survey with pen and paper.  They do not put their name on the surveys and all of the data will be anonymous.  A copy of the survey will be available in the office for parents to view.  Students at CAM Academy and across the district have participated in the Healthy Youth Survey since  1988.  If you have any questions about the healthy youth survey please feel free to ask.  Most of your questions will be answered in the attachments below regarding the survey.

Click HERE to see the questions on the survey.


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